I spent some extra time with a client today to discuss some nutrition strategies with her.   Her situation may not be unique, but it is certainly perplexing.  She is approaching 40 years of age and would like to have a baby with her new husband before her next birthday.  For various reasons that we all can relate to, she has put on some weight in the past 10 years.   One is transitioning from living in New York City to the slower suburban life.  Another was being in a job that does’t quite align with her true passions which are singing and cooking.  Or maybe it was some deeper source of anxiety I won’t get into here.  Regardless of the cause, she is sincerely ready to make the change and lose the weight.  I truly believe that.  The motivation that comes from something greater than yourself can be very powerful.  Currently she is facing the concept that she will not be able to have a child until she loses 25-50 lbs and she wants to accomplish this by October.  A tall order indeed.  My job as a fitness professional is to empower others to create space for transition in their lives.  I have to toe the line between offering great inspiration and encouragement and being realistic and safe.  We sat for an hour going over her tricky circumstances and came to the conclusion that she can make this happen.  But even in the face of a deadline and a specific goal, patience is still required.  Patience with the physiological process.  Patience with yourself.  The patience to trust the theory we will apply to fat loss and the true science that governs the human body.   She is beginning to let go of all of the emotions she has been holding onto and finally step up to the plate to make real what she has for so long dreamed of.  For that I am already proud of her.  My goal is to set her up with a strategy and a mindset to eat smart and in line with how the human body is designed.  Then her hormones will adapt and the weight will come off.  The result will be a new child on the earth a physical evidence to all of us of a the new woman stands in front of me today.  How great is that!

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