Ketosis 2.0 day 3

Burning Fat and feeling Great!

Today is the third day of my Ketosis reset.  It is going incredibly well and I could not be happier.   If you have not read ketosis 2.0 please do.  In the last 3 days, I have experienced virtually no hunger.   I think I may have put a few pieces together that has made this process a lot easier for me.   In the last 6 weeks or so I have been having a hard time determining my protein intake timing.  Through my research I have found many conflicting views of the impact of protein on insulin response.  While certain proteins illicit an insulin response, it is hard to say how that compares to sugar and if it is worth the intake considering the response.   What I mean by this is if my goal is to be a fat burning machine, then does the benefit of eating protein out weigh the cost of consuming it.  I obviously need protein, but perhaps I could time it better to optimize my fat burning state.

Basic biochemistry states that in the presence of insulin fat cells are instructed to store fat and not release Fatty Acids to be available for oxidation (fuel) to the rest of the body. (  And they are told to store sugar.  There are several storage mechanisms, but for most people the place that sugar will end up is in fat cells.

This is why most Americans are fat.  This is also probably why we have survived to this day in an evolutionary sense. In the old days, like the way old days, man would have to survive through periods of famine and take advantages of times of feast.  What sugar represents is an easy source of calories that is important to store to get through times of famine via storage!  What helps facilitate that process?  You guessed it: insulin! Ok thats all fine and good of course that is not the only job insulin has. That means the other substrates (foods or macro nutrients) illicit an insulin response.  As a matter of fact, when doing Carb Backloading, that is a major part of what you are trying to take advantage of.  Large insulin spikes from both amino acid ingestion and large amounts of simple sugars.  This refuels your depleted muscles and encourages growth via IGF-1.  And because the muscle cells themselves are primed to absorb glucose, this is a great time to get an insulin spike coupled with a sugar ingestion.  But for the rest of the time, lets assume the goal is to burn fat.  If insulin prevents the burning of fat and triggers growth or storage, and protein triggers an insulin response, then how is one supposed to maintain adequate function while in Ketosis.  The answer to that question is not simple.   What I have found to work well is avoiding protein in for the first 5 hours of the day.  I wake up at 5:30a my first ingestion will be of primarily fat and fiber.   I won’t have any protein until around 11 or noon.   I think what is going on here is that  my fat cells are given a lot of time to ramp of FA synthesis and I can sort of buffer the insulin response via the protein ingestion because I have circulating FA to oxidate.  Keep in mind that is only based on my experience and I do not have science to back up that point.  It makes a lot of sense though.  Now the goal is to get adequate amounts of protein in during the rest of the day.  To maintain my muscle mass  I only require about 1 gram of protein per KG body weight which makes it very easy to get enough protein.  I have heard from multiple sources including John Kiefer that if you keep you Fat to Protein ratio greater than one-to-one you can stay in ketosis and avoid the cessation of fat burning, but I have yet to see the actual research that backs that idea up.   I’m not saying it does not exist, but until I find it, I am going to trust what I have read so far including this study

What this tells me is to guarantee I stay in a state of ketosis in the morning I need to avoid protein.  This will be less important once I am go back to backloading but is vital during an adjustment phase.  Also, when applied to my weight loss clients, this is an important point.  How can one extend the window they are burning fat?  There are so many factors that cut that window short, so I figure you are better safe than sorry.

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