Resistant starch: The Key to Gut Health?

Resistant Starch: Understand it or Have a Broken Gut In the world of nutrition nothing ever seems to be simple. The topic of resistant starch is no exception. Whether considering high or low carb, Vegan or Paleo, there are many upsides and drawbacks to any approach.  As well as seemingly endless questions for which theContinue reading “Resistant starch: The Key to Gut Health?”

Excess Protein Won’t Help or Hurt You

Marketing science majorly influences people’s dietary habits of protein consumption.  In the world of strength training, more protein is often considered better.  Many upplement companies suggest mega doses (60 grams of protein 2x per day).  Studies have shown that most people can only process about 20-30g in a 2-3 hour window.    If a personContinue reading “Excess Protein Won’t Help or Hurt You”

Food Politics. Still rotten.

This is a food politics rant post.  If you don’t like rants about food politics don’t read this post. Last week the government’s advisory committee on nutrition released their new suggestions. The basic summery is eat less meat and sugar.   The primary concern to eat less meat: the environment of course.   I likeContinue reading “Food Politics. Still rotten.”

Monterey Super Race Report: Running While Sick is Mind Over Matter

The morning of the Monterey Super, the exterior the conditions were perfect.  56 degrees, overcast with a slight breeze.  Perfect circumstances for any endurance endeavor, especially a Spartan race.  Heat will make a race a lot harder and so will rain.  Inside of me on the other hand, I was staving off a sickness theContinue reading “Monterey Super Race Report: Running While Sick is Mind Over Matter”

Carb Swishing Improves Performance

When it comes to nutrition and sports performance, it’s hard to know which source to trust. The vast majority of people don’t have the time to pour over the primary research.  Conclusions are often influenced by marketing. Even if you don’t admit it, marketing techniques drives your decisions.  Companies used what is called marketing scienceContinue reading “Carb Swishing Improves Performance”