A Running Clock: Thoughts on Time

A Running Clock Time is a funny thing. It’s one of the few things that is simultaneously subjective and objective. It is subjectively experienced all of the time while remaining objectively measured at all times. Running a 400m sprint in 48 seconds feels a lot longer than 48 seconds watching a movie. It’s still 48Continue reading “A Running Clock: Thoughts on Time”

Becoming a Runner

Like a needy spouse, running constantly asks me, “Do you love me.” Of course I say, “sure honey.” I’m no fool. But dammit sometimes running can be a bitch. Other times, the sweetest thing in my life. It hurts, it makes me grow. It is always there. Running and I have a complicated relationship.

My Microbiome data is in; I Need a Re-count

A wise man once told me, “if you’re not assessin’ your guessin’.” It’s tempting to read studies, draw conclusions and change your behavior. I must admit, I do this all the time. To better measure the impact of an intervention testing is important.  Read part 1 of 3 my gut microbiome series here – “Poop: howContinue reading “My Microbiome data is in; I Need a Re-count”

Ubiome Post Intervention Data

Recently I set out on a mission to fix my gut.  I hoped to improve my food intolerances and clear up my skin. Compiling quantitative data was important to me during this process.  Going into this process I knew my data wouldn’t be proof of any one thing because I changed so many variables at once. Nevertheless,Continue reading “Ubiome Post Intervention Data”

Turning Turmoil Into Triumph: Obstacle Racing As a True North

The last year and a half has brought out of me a newfound dedication and passion for training. Despite my new resolve to train and compete, immediately before the Sacramento Super Spartan race, I found myself in a state of lull I haven’t experienced since my final few months as a collegiate track athlete. WhyContinue reading “Turning Turmoil Into Triumph: Obstacle Racing As a True North”