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Elijah Markstrom is a health nut and fitness enthusiast.  Elijah spends an absurd amount of time combing over research papers, listening to field relevant podcast and generally being a geek, so you don’t have to!  With a discerning eye for separating crap from gold, he combs the interwebs looking for answers to common and obscure questions in health.  This way he can provide you with research paper service results oriented precision.  Read Elijah’s blog and you’ll get access to stories about practical application of science related to health.  The topics covered on this site range from Ketosis to Race reports. Also, get a better understanding of sugar and how it works in the carbohydrate series. The posts on this site vary from objective dissection of many topics related to optimizing health.  The topics covered include nutrient timing, gut health, food sensitivities and more.  In some posts Elijah will also take a more editorial perspective and offer his opinion on a range of topics.  Those tend to be science based, but not necessarily.  The goal of this blog is to educate the reader.

Elijah Markstrom’s backround

While writing and blogging serves as a hobby, Elijah is a personal trainer by trade.  His curiosity for getting better results drives him to keep learning and expanding his knowledge base.  Elijah started his career in the corporate world at Equinox in San Mateo, CA.  There he quickly ascended the ranks to become Fitness Manager.  That job did not provide a balanced life and he chose to go the Private Trainer route.  He currently enjoys his career as a private trainer.  For in person sessions you can find him on the San Francisco peninsula.  He does house calls in San Francisco and his primary studio is located at 801 North San Mateo Drive.

Elijah has always been passionate about fitness and athletics.  In high school he excelled in Football, wresting and Track and field.  His stand out sport was track and field. He won the state title in both the 100m and the 4x 100m relay.  Check out some old school footage of the 4 x 100m here he is the final runner on the relay team.  He went on to compete at the collegiate level at Chico State Univerty.  There he was all conference in the 100m and was part of back to back conference championship teams.

When All the Dust Settles You have to Stay Interested

More recently Elijah’s Focus resides primarily on Obstacle racing.  Obstacle racing requires a good running foundation, a solid strength base and grit.  Training all of these components is what keeps training interesting.  Because obstacle racing tests a wide array of skills and strengths, the boundaries of sport performance are stretched from every angle.  In 2014 Elijah Completed the Trifecta in Spartan Racing.  This includes finishing a sprint, super and beast distance.  These are 4,9 and 16 miles respectively. Read more about Elijah experience spartan racing here and here.

Before Spartan there was a two to three year period in which Elijah battled various injuries.  He also struggled to keep up his motivation and stay on track with fitness.  This dip helped him relate to other people who have found it hard to stay perpetually motivated.  The injuries where primarily a result of overtraining.  What caused the overtraining was a level of ignorance for handling all of the aspects of recovery.  As an athlete ages recovery is equally as important as training.  The attributes that caused Elijah to achieve high levels of success in the early days of his athletic career where the same attributes that led to his demise.  Thankfully through compiling this blog and being driven by curiosity, he can wade through the aging process and still maintain a high level of fitness.  Just 18 months ago he thought he would never run again without pain.

Why Should You Read Elijah’s blog?

There are seemingly endless sources for information today.  And your time is valuable. What makes this one special and worth spending time on?  First and foremost, the author of this site practices what he preaches.  Also, he is not set in his ways, which is surprisingly important.  If a better approach comes along, or he sees what he is currently doing is not working, he moves on and tries something new.  Along the way, this process is documented with the hopes that others can one day learn from his experiences.  Through his efforts and practice excelling in various areas of the physical world Elijah has developed other strategies to kick ass in life.  By reading this blog you will gain insight into this journey.  Take aspects you learn here and create your own approach to optimizing  your Health and Self.

We are all at various levels of the health spectrum.  Read along and you will see how to ascend the ranks and become more healthy.


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A very strong family


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